Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key App Reviews

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App Ok but game full of glitches

App works Game not so much a simple patch can corrupt the game so much that you need to reinstall from scratch which takes 6 hours to do


There seemed to be a lot of trolls in this review thread. Not sure why? Anyway this AP works perfectly I have dad it for a few years now, not one issue. Play on!

Works perfectly

Works perfectly, wish there was an iWatch version.

Great security key

Security Key works great and easy to setup. Anyone who has troubles with this app clearly doesn’t know how to set up a security key. Or their device doesn’t work, or they are too impatient to spend less than a minute properly setting it up.

Needs update for Apple Watch

App hasn't been updated in two years, please add Apple Watch support!

Doesn't work at all

No matter what I do it won't let me type in any letters. Numbers work fine, but no letters. Meaning I cannot even set my security key. This is ridiculous, fix this soon or I'll take it as a sign you do not care about your subscriber community, and will be forced to cancel my subscription to the game completely.

No activation code sent

Unable to use the app because it is requiring an activation code to begin use, but has not sent me a code to input

It works

It's a great way to keep your account safe!

Doesn't work

After I got a new phone, I couldn't use this app anymore. It doesn't work. I can't connect it to my account. Nothing happens when I enter in the code on the SWTOR website. I'm missing the 100 additional cartel coins per month that I got from using the security key. And my account is no longer secure. UPDATE: App never did work as intended after I upgraded phones. I use Authy now. Much more reliable authenticator and it backs up as well. Really any other app is better than this one.

You create something to function

Something must be done to fix this program. What's the point of having something that won't work? Please fix it.

Use Google Authenticator instead

Unless you really want the SWTOR branding on it, you can get the same functionality from the Google Authenticator app. The back end is the same, so why use two apps when you only need one?

Works, but..

I was told that for each month having this app, I would get 100 cartel coins. I hope that's true.


Nothing but a screen with that says "Activation Code". Literally nowhere to login.


It seems like it either works perfectly or not at all. Good luck!

Works great

If you read the instructions it should work, that's what I did and it works great, but people just need to learn how to read the instructions

Stupid Piece of CRAP

Doesn't Work Fix it, NOW!

It just works!

Great security measure for SWTOR!!

Fix it!

You guys really need to fix this please!!

Works For Me

Seems to work fine for me, not sure why these other people are having issues. Usually security keys stop working if the phone has been reinstalled or wiped, so maybe that's it.

Not working

Does not have "information Icon" that suppose to give me a serial number so I can activate it!!


Great! It works now :)

Does not work

I tried like a million times to get this work on my subscribed account and I keep getting the code is incorrect on the website that's bull I copied exactly fix this app!!!!

It works

I just recently got it and it does not crash at all. It's been a good app on my part.


Did not even get past the codes

Works great

Works perfect on my 6 plus.


Yea every time I try to start the app it just crashes like a typical piece of EA Garbage.

Great for SWTOR

This still work I don't know why you said it don't work but it work in good condition. And if you download this swtor will give you 100 cartel coins each month.



Doesn't work

Doesn't work on my new phone. I have to keep going back to my old phone in order to log in.


Not a single problem/bug


Works as advertised.


Works perfectly.

really works


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